I’m thrilled to have a piece included on Thomas Stumpf’s (www.thomasstumpf.com) new 2CD-set — Reflections on Time & Mortality — released today on Albany Records. The piece takes its name from one of Feste’s songs (Twelfth Night). A full preview score is available on musicspoke.


I am now on Instagram sharing a variety of photos. I wrote about my return to photography a little while ago on the MusicSpoke blog. It’s been a welcome balance to my other responsibilities. Here is a sampling of what you will see over there: black crowned night #heron. #bird…


A short listing of some of the other places I’ve showed up on the interwebs in the last couple of years Choir Chat with John Hughes Composer on Fire with Garrett Hope Dinosaur Hunting and If you can’t say something nice… both over at MusicSpoke. My conversations with Ethan Hein…


I am in the midst of creating a new piece for the Mount Holyoke College Symphony Orchestra for their April 1 & 2 show: Metamorphonics. Also on the show are two of my favorite works for orchestra, Einojuhani Rautavaara’s Cantus Arcticus (for orch. with taped bird sounds) and John Adams’s…


The big news is that I have started working on a major commission for Philadelphia choir The Crossing. Award winning poet Todd Hearon (who provided the text for Caliban in After-Life, see below) will be creating a new suite of poems for the project. I will post more information about…


If you are a twitterer, please consider following me. In addition to notices about upcoming shows, I have started tweeting some of my photographs as well. canada geese at @smithcollege paradise pond pic.twitter.com/TnAvsRrQP3 — Gregory W Brown (@GregoryWBrown) December 14, 2015


I recently migrated most of my piano music onto MusicSpoke, which has just started including instrumental scores on their site. You can see a quick teaser video below. Full recordings and scores are available on the MusicSpoke website: http://musicspoke.com/composer/gregorywbrown/


A few weeks back I realized that we’d reached the halfway point of a very eventful 2015 and I was marveling at both what’s already taken place and what’s still to come. The biggest event of the year so far was the February release of Moonstrung Air, a CD of…


New York Polyphony sang my Three American Folk-Hymns and Abschied vom Leser on the May 24 Concertgebouw Sunday Morning Concert [Het Zondagochtend Concert]. The show was broadcast on Dutch National Radio (NPO) as well. It’s an honor to have my music at such a storied venue. The concert is archived…


Many people have remarked on the artwork for the cover of Moonstrung Air. It seemed like a good idea, then, to talk to the artist responsible for the etchings that feature so prominently in the design. [Before we jump in, I would be remiss if I did not mention the…

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