Here is the cover art for my upcoming CD due out in early 2015. Featured art is by Brian D. Cohen. Pre-order information


I did an informal improvised electronic set at the Southern Vermont Dance Festival in Brattleboro last week. It was my first time playing littleBits in public, which was a blast. I was able to incorporate a few new bits into the show, including a snazzy sequencer, pressure sensor, and some…


I travel to Little Rock, Arkansas, next week for the ACDA South West division conference. New York Polyphony will be performing three of my folk hymn adaptations as part of the first concert session on Wednesday evening. These three pieces will appear on my CD project (late 2014). Here is…


The current Exeter Bulletin has a nice article on my visit this past October. The article is available through issuuu or as a jpeg (below).


Two more great reviews for Missa Charles Darwin >  Sequenza 21/ [6th paragraph] …a strong work overall … and in particular Brown is the only contemporary composer I can recall who crafts vocal lines that have the same sense of independent harmonic rhythm and expressive freedom that makes the madrigals of…


Here are some highlights from recent reviews of the digital EP release. I am grateful to the reviewers for taking the time not only to listen to the music, but to engage with the work in a meaningful way. Update: two additional reviews.   >  www.planethugill.com Brown’s writing combines traditional polyphony…


I’ve been revisiting an idea I had developed last summer for a live show. I had Mary Hubbell (soprano) singing into the


I’m very glad to be headed back to my high school alma mater for a brief residency this October. I’ll be working with students during the week leading up to a performance of Missa Charles Darwin in the atrium of PEA’s iconic, Louis Kahn designed library (see photos below). More…


The Missa Charles Darwin is now available as a digital EP prerelease from a forthcoming album of choral and vocal works on Navona. You can download the tracks from iTunes, Amazon, and other online music sources.    • iTunes    • Amazon


[post-concert photo of me with New York Polyphony & Sarah Darwin] I spent a week in Germany last month, touring with New York Polyphony and Lizzie Ball. There were three concerts on the tour, the middle show featured my Missa Charles Darwin, introduced by Sarah Darwin. [photo gallery] The concert…

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