I am always interested in discussing new projects with prospective performers and organizations. I’ve worked with individual players, ensembles, and dance troupes to create new works both short and long. Some recent projects include work with New York Polyphony, Seattle Bach Choir, Da Camera Singers, soprano Mary Hubbell, Amherst College Concert Choir, and others.

The process begins when you contact me. We can then start a conversation about what your hopes are for the new work and about how I might best apply my skills to create something tailored to you, your ensemble, and/or event. My rates are derived from the industry standards (, but are negotiable based on available resources, my composition schedule, and the many intangible things that each performer and performing organization brings to the table. Often rates are lower (sometimes significantly lower) than the industry standard based on the many factors at play. In short: Please don’t be shy about contacting me if you are interested in having a piece written for you or for your ensemble. I look forward to having a conversation with you.