Moonstrung Air

Moonstrung Air features performances by twice Grammy-nominated quartet New York Polyphony, standout Philadelphia choir The Crossing, and an ad hoc choir made up of some of New York’s finest voices.

Here’s what the critics are saying:

  • Moonstrung Air offers sophisticated, complex, easy-to-enjoy music. Its purity puts it in the tradition of Renaissance music but in a modern idiom that uses a contemporary sound pallet … a must for anyone interested in beautiful yet intricate contemporary choral music.” — The Choral Journal
  • “Brown’s striking and original vocal writing … effectively blends rhythmic, harmonic and stylistic techniques of early and contemporary music in ways that use the building blocks of the past to point the way into the future.” — WRTI (Philadelphia) Spring into Five New Classical CDs!
  • “[Brown’s] command of transcendent sound is constant” — Q2’s Album of the Week for Feb 16th
  • “The performances are exemplary, the sound excellent and the compositions show us that Gregory W. Brown takes to vocal writing as a natural. The music has eloquence, verve and old-in-new panache. I find the music uniformly delightful.” — Gapplegate Classical-Modern Review
  • “lyrical and highly expressive” — Planet Hugill
  • “[Five Women Bathing in Moonlight] moves like a watery surface, ripples of sound speeding ahead and then slowing, easing, the sopranos’ grace notes describing a Matisse-worthy scene of vulnerability and uncertain light” — Feature article on Music for Writers at

Also, a conversation with artist Brian D. Cohen about the cover art.

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