Lopsided Little Waltzes [pno]

Three short waltzes, each slightly off-kilter. The first — Gooseberry — was created in one quick writing session for pianist Judith Gordon, who asked a number of local valley composers for some short waltzes to intersperse with the 12 German Dances of Schubert. A Gooseberry is both an actual berry and a British colloquial way of referring to the third person hanging around when two people want to be alone (what Americans would call a ‘third wheel’). The second — Wormwood — is a depiction of a belle époque bar-room, swimming with absinthe, smoke, and philosophy. The third — Lady Slipper — is a forest scene from my childhood: A little orchid, rare and magical.

The three pieces are available as a set from MusicSpoke.

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