Vo girand per gli osterie [satbb]

An Italian carol from the Cremonese town of Ripalta Cremasca (Lombardia) adapted for The Manhattan Choral Ensemble‘s 2007 holiday concert.


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I go around from tavern to tavern;
I go around from here to there;
On this night in Bethlehem,
there is no place to sleep,
And we will not find it — we need to have patience, holy patience:
Tonight we will sleep under that tree.
The shepherd Gerlindo passes by here
And sees the good people in their tattered clothes —
Come with me, with your beautiful bride:
I will show you where you can find shelter.
And there you will find an ox and a donkey, With hay;
You will be better there than under the sky.
Goodnight, good people,
I bid you goodbye with all my heart.
You seem to me to be God’s people.
And on December 24th
Mary felt a great pain:
She bore our Redeemer.

[trad. Italian]