Moonstrung Air is Q2’s Album of the Week for Feb 16th, 2015: “[Brown’s] command of transcendent sound is constant. Through ambitious dissonances and risky concepts, ‘Moonstrung Air’ is anything but absent of higher powers. In fact, the pieces ring like higher-power-bells, those of science, faith and the human voice.” — Elena Saavedra Buckley

“…in particular Brown is the only contemporary composer I can recall who crafts vocal lines that have the same sense of independent harmonic rhythm and expressive freedom that makes the madrigals of Monteverdi and the like so powerful.” — George Grella; sequenza21

“In festivals and music conventions over the last two decades, I have heard a surfeit of contemporary sacred music, and no composer has impressed me more than Gregory Brown.” — Ken Herman; San Diego Story

“Brown’s writing combines traditional polyphony with more angular melodic lines, with strong passing dissonances. … The result is very striking, a wonderful confluence of old and new polyphony and moments, like the Alleluia, are highly evocative. … [Missa Charles Darwin] is a fascinating piece, traditional polyphony re-interpreted for modern times.” — Robert Hugill; Planet Hugill


Tagesspiegel (Berlin) article about the European debut of Missa Charles Darwin (March, 2013)

Winter 2014 Exeter Bulletin

2011 Smith College Insight Magazine


November 2011 lecture presentation on the Missa Charles Darwin at TedXWoodsHole


Two radio spots featuring the Electromagnetically Prepared Piano

Gregory W. Brown’s music has been heard on Performance Today, Minnesota Public Radio, Kansas Public Radio, Danish National Radio, and elsewhere.