This low-budget hack came about as a result of trying to find a way to send audio signal directly into a video monitor. There are definitely ways to do it, but I didn’t have any of the necessary tools available. —And I was restless— Though, I realized that I could very easily approximate the behavior (albeit much slower) using software.

The attached scripts are barely even scripts, totaling barely 150 lines between the two of them — but they proved useful and allowed me to come up with a pretty flexible and robust (if slow to refresh…) system. Limitations are processor speed, refresh rate, sample rate, network slowness, etc. Play around. If you have a programming background you can probably figure it out.

The audio is from a piece that I wrote in 2006 (Subduction) and which will be on a concert later this month. I wanted to add some video to it and see if it enhanced the listening experience. It is intended as 8 channels, usually mixed to 4, here mixed to 2.

files:  [update: contact me for the file]

requires ChucK and Processing

[ please let me know if you have issues with the files ]

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