• Electromagnetically Prepared Piano — A preparation for piano using electromagnets that allows for a number of interesting effects, including infinite sustain on a standard piano.
  • LiSPLaMa — A live sampling, playback, and manipulation interface built in ChucK, with a TouchOSC interface for the iPad.
  • The Vibrabalneoäves is a sound/sculpture playback device featuring a responsive surface with water.
  • Virtual Harp Pedals — suitable for composers and arrangers who need to keep track of the current state of their accidentals.
  • Siren for Ionisation — A laptop emulation of the sirens needed for performance of Varèse’s Ionisation.
  • Serial Matrix Generator — Designed primarily to aid in the analysis of some serial music, though it can also quickly generate the prime form and Forte number for any set. Updates to PHP have caused some display oddities, but it is currently functional enough to meet my needs and is inactive until someone requests/requires more functionality.
  • MyTempoWatch — An application which allows you to determine the tempo of a piece through mouse or keyboard clicks. This application is no longer available, as it was written for PowerPC architecture and will not work on modern Macs. If you have an older machine (PowerPC), please contact me and I will send you the file.