A Black Birch in Winter / settings of Richard Wilbur and John Muir sung by Voces Musicales (Estonia); David Puderbaugh, conductor [2019]

Evolutionary Spirits / reissues of some tracks from Moonstrung Air [2019]

un/bodying/s / on the disc if there were water from The Crossing [2018]

Missa Charles Darwin (special edition re-issue) / Navona Records [2017]

We’ll to the Woods No More / from Acis [2017]

Moonstrung Air / CD of choral and vocal works on Navona Records [2015]

Sweet & Twenty / pianist Thomas Stumpf as part of his two-disc Reflections on Time and Mortality from Albany Records (score)

Nine Bagatelles for Guitar Trio / on Emergence from Athens Guitar Trio


un/bodying/s [2017] (24-voice mixed choir) 

Fall & Decline [2018] (6 solo voices + electronics)

Missa Charles Darwin [2011] (atbb w/ alternate satb version) 

Vidi Aquam [2012] (satb + pno) 

sepulchrum mutum [2016] (satb div.)

Phillips Church Te Deum [2016] (satb div.)

Octavos: Twilight Hours (ttbb) / Neither Rhyme nor Reason (satb + vln + pno) / Three Long Mountains and a Wood (satb + pro) / Hail, Sun of the Seasons (satb + org) / Holding it Open (ssaa + perc) / Swallows Travel To and Fro [satb + pno] / The Fabric of Streams [satb] / A Black Birch in Winter [satb] / Sonett XXV [satb + pno] (Shakespeare in German translation) / Then [satb] / The Echoing Green [satb + orch] / Sweet Hour of Prayer [atbb] or [satb] / The Morning Trumpet [atbb] or [satb] / The Bailiff’s Daughter [tttbb] / The Wind that I Love the Best [ssa + pno] / A Round (or Two) with the Bard [satb + pno] / Love (&) Doubt (sst / abb) / Magnificat and Nunc dimittis [ss + org] / Five Women Bathing in Moonlight [ssaatb] / vox dicentes: clama [ssaa] / Abschied vom Leser [atbb] / Entrai, pastores, entrai [satb] / Vo girand per gli osterie [satbb] / …brevissima, in nomine pacis [smatb] / She’s Like the Swallow [ssa + oboe] / Spring [ssatbb] / The Dying Californian [tenor solo + ttb] / (An Uncommon) Wassail [tttbbb] / Still, Still, Still [satb] / Shenendoah [satb + pno] / The Birds begun at Four o’clock — [satb / satb] / Four Miniature Love Songs [satb] / Prayer of Reflection [satb + org] / Panis Angelicus [satb] / Ave Maria [satb]

Many octavos are available for perusal and purchase through MusicSpoke. Others are available by request.


Caliban in After-Life [2014] (sop + vln + pno)  {G4–G5} [Ab3–Bb5]* [score]

We'll to the Woods No More [2015] (countertenor + pno)  {C#4–Bb4} [Bb3–Eb5] [score]

Drei Jahreszeiten [2013] (sop + picc / alto fl + pno)  {E4–G5} [D4—C#6] [score]

Drei Lieder nach Gedichte von Kurt Kramer [2016] (contralto + pno)  {C4–C5} [F#3–F5] [score available on request]

Other: American Elm, College Hall (sop + pno) [F4–A5] / The Dawn Redwood (sop + pno) [D4–G5] / Unstable Dream (mezzo + pno) [C#4–G#5] / Three Songs for Countertenor (countertenor + continuo org) [A#3–D#5] / If you and I awakening… (mezzo + pno) [C#4–A5] / Stanzas (sop + continuo org) [F#4–A5]
[scores available on request]

* — {tessitura] [extreme range]


Harmonies of Opposites [2018] (orchestra)

Lopsided Little Waltzes [2014] (pno) 

Fox's Wedding [2012] (pno) 

GreyNoiseLitanies [2016] (orch + electronics) 

Sweet & Twenty [2009] (pno) 

Dusk [2009] (pno) 

Others: Vasalisa the Wise [pno trio + narration/dance] / Fantasy Variations on Amazing Grace [sax 4tet (satb)] / Nine Bagatelles for Guitar Trio / Concertino for Horn [hn + ob, bs, vl, vl, vla, vc, cb, marimba] / Suite for Solo Cello / Are you an Anarchist? [pno] / Intermezzo, Op. 119, No. 3 (Brahms) [arr. brass quintet] / Bagatelle for String Quartet / Four Short Movements for Brass Quintet / Green Beans! [2 vla] / Pour le Petit Poisson [pno] / Invasion of the Pod People!!!!!!!!!!!! [2 pno + slide projector] / The Slow Coming of Spring [woodwind quartet] / Mongolian Riddles [chamber ensemble]


Arabesque & Moiré Idle [2012] (cello + electronics) 

The Lily in a Crystal [2011] (electromagnetically prepared piano) 

Among Sheep [2014] (electroacoustic + dance) 

The Buzzing [2005] (video) 

Nightscapes with Water [2011] (14-channel electroacoustic) 

The Jeweled Prize [2012] (electroacoustic + dance) 

Spring/Made [2015] (improvised electronic score with dancers) 

Others: breednoise [algorithmic compositional interface] / life/game [electronics + video] / Shrine of the Broken Needles [trumpet + electronic audio (tape)] / natus/natatus 1 [2-channel audio] / Ichabod [midi pno + video] / Subduction [4-channel audio]


The Choral Journal (December 2010)
Politics and Folk-Song Arrangement in the Works of Fernando Lopes-Graça
 — Article on choral harmonizations of folksongs by Portuguese composer Fernando Lopes-Graça. The article is drawn largely from the DMA document listed below.

The Choral Scholar (Spring 2010)
Firm Footing in the Heavens and Faltering Steps on Earth: Harmonic Language as Word-Painting in Brahms’s “Gesang der Parzen”

Editor of a new edition of Claude Le Jeune’s Revoicy venir du printemps, with a discussion of the text and performance issues. Available online from GIA.

The Canções Regionais Portuguesas of Fernando Lopes-Graça (1906–1994): Methods and significance of the adaptation of folk materials into the choral medium — DMA document on Fernando Lopes-Graça’s 24-volume Canções Regionais Portuguesas, which serve as an excellent subject for the study of the processes and implications of the adaptation of folk materials into the choral medium.

Fernando Lopes-Graça e a Música Coral — short article that appeared (in a translation by Teresa Cascudo) on the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian Music page.

The Variation of Tourmaline Chemistry with Metamorphic Grade in Southwest Maine — co-authored undergraduate paper summarizing and synthesizing research on the pegmatites found along the Maine/NH border.

Firm Footing in the Heavens and Faltering Steps on Earth: Harmonic Language as Word-Painting in Brahms’s “Gesang der Parzen” — Final paper written for a late-romantic theory course focusing on neo-Schenkerian and neo-Riemannian aspects of Brahms’s Gesang der Parzen. Presented at the UGA Music Research Symposium 2006 and at the ACDA National Convention in Miami as part of a poster session. Later revised and published in The Choral Scholar (see above).

“Symphony” and Simfonizm in Shostakovich’s Thirteenth Symphony: Unusual Genesis as Key to Shostakovich’s Concept of Symphony — paper written for Shostakovich seminar and revised for presentation at the 2005 MGSA research symposium